Saturday, 24 May 2014

Poetics - a new necklace design.

This is a new design that I have called 'Poetics'
"True love all in a flowing mortal sea"

The words are captured under glass.
My aim is to capture a moment, a mood or suggest an atmosphere that is meaningful.

Set under glass the text looks as though it is captured under a single drop of water or morning dew, quite romantic. In this necklace the two little 'baubles' either side of the central one had words on both sides and as you wear them they turn, revealing the whole of the found verse..

The photo of me came about as a young lady emailed me to ask how the necklace looks when worn.
In the absence of a modal I had to resort to using a 'selfie' 
Not as easy as I thought!
Trying to balance a camera and get the right angel for the shot was quite a challenge.

I have been juggling two Etsy shops for a while now, as I thought it would be best to keep certain things separate, paintings v textiles, jewellery v collage etc. As I'm told this helps a customer identify your 'style' etc.
Well it's no good, now I've decided to combine it all under one shop The7thMagpie.

I just can't put myself into boxes, I'm a creatrix, a creative butterfly, I love working in many different materials and I just can't confine myself to one or even two!
So I'm saying take me as I am as I can't be any other way.

It's the Bath Fringe arts fest, here for the next few weeks so expect some photos of art and street theater here over the next few posts.
I hope you're having a lovely weekend, It's a Bank Holiday here so we get an extra day added to our weekend :)

Saturday, 17 May 2014

Unisex Urban Jewellery

 I wanted to create a series of unisex jewellery with a touch of urban chic.
Something with a bit of mystery, that could be worn by a guy or a girl.
 Some pieces will appeal more to girls than guys, but I'm just getting into my stride with these, and I hope they will become a series.
I decided I'd like to give them names, so say 'Hello' to the Dark Angel series.
Galen, The Dark Queen and Clarice.

Monday, 28 April 2014

Exhibition time!

NEWS! Currently exhibiting in the Victoria Gallery Bath. 5 April- 31 May and The Museum of Oxford  - 6th June - 7th Sept. for The Alternative Alice Project.
The first piece below is just one of three, possibly four that I will be exhibiting for the Alice show.
I have several on show in the Victoria gallery (not shown here) and the second piece below is what I'm working on now, as yet untitled.
It's great to get out and about as there are so many great shows this spring and of course we have the Bath Fringe Festival coming soon which is always a good excuse to get out and see some amazing shows, not just art exhibitions but lots of street theater, etc.
 My fave time of year.
Hope you're having an inspirational Spring too!