Sunday, 19 January 2014

Birthday bouquet

I had a beautiful bouquet on my birthday back in October, from my better half, and one of the flowers within it was a blue Hydrangea.
I  kept it in a ceramic vase as it dried and it now has lovely russet tinged tips to the petals and high pale veins that look stunning.
I decided to take one of the smaller flowers and preserve it under glass.
I used a page from an old book of poetry by Milton as backing for the flower and set in in sterling silver.

Saturday, 11 January 2014

More porcelain

I've now ventured into the realms of the cup & saucer for my trials at porcelain painting.
Above is the outer face, the bit that faces outwards as you drink and below is the inner face.

And below is the whole ensemble, difficult to photograph but you get the idea.
I've washed these to test if they are fast and I can confidently say - yes they are, phew!
I was a little worried that all that hard work would rub off.
They do need baking in the oven, though the website said they were fast after 3 days.
I tested this on another small plate and I found it not so.
So if you are going to try it bake it for 30mins at 170c......just to make sure I did it twice!
I will be adding this one and a few more to my etsy shop soon.

Sunday, 5 January 2014

New ventures in design and materials

A few posts ago I mentioned the Delft plates that were the inspiration to my 'China Blue' paintings in watercolour. I'm drawn to their simple design and pallet.
I had in mind at the time to try painting on ceramics, but other comments got in the way, so above is my first ever attempt at painting on a plate.
I worked in a ceramic studio some years ago and loved working with clay and slips etc. but this is quite different.
After much wringing of hands and constant washing of the plate to re-start, I finally settled on an attempt that I'm pleased with. I have to 'cook' the plate and wait a few days to see if it's set.
I love the way the demands of some mediums require you to learn and push boundaries, the ceramic paints do this and once I'd given in to this I began to get the hang of it and relaxed and enjoyed the process.
Below are the designs I practised and developed with the aim of transferring these, in a simple form onto the plate.

I used the brown paper as it's very thin I thought I might transfer using the old pencil technique, but this just proved to be problematic.
My next attempt will probably be more free hand style and in a more limited pallet.
My Christmas holiday is now over and I shall return to work tomorrow, it's been lovely, spending time with family and having more time for my creative projects. Although, if left to my own devices I'm quite a solitary person at heart I am rather looking forward to seeing friends and colleagues and hearing all that they got up to over the holiday!

Thursday, 2 January 2014


I won't call it a new years resolution but I would like to draw more often in 2014.
I'd love to join a drawing club like the ones they have in Bristol, they meet in cafes or pubs and just sit, chat and draw, what a lovely way to spend an evening.
Above is my first start on this 'resolution' a work in progress and my good intention is to draw as often as time (and energy levels, once I'm back to work!) will allow.
Here's hoping you have creative start to your 2014.

Tuesday, 31 December 2013

About me?

I've been informed that anyone with an Etsy shop will have to fill in their 'About' pages in the new year. So with this in mind I decided to fill mine out properly.
It's not until someone asks you to talk about yourself that you realise it's quite hard!
So I asked myself, 'what would I want to know about an artist/maker?' and went from there, still not easy and I'm not 100% pleased with it but...
I think a balance with a little bit of personal info is fine, well we shall see.