Tuesday, 31 December 2013

About me?

I've been informed that anyone with an Etsy shop will have to fill in their 'About' pages in the new year. So with this in mind I decided to fill mine out properly.
It's not until someone asks you to talk about yourself that you realise it's quite hard!
So I asked myself, 'what would I want to know about an artist/maker?' and went from there, still not easy and I'm not 100% pleased with it but...
I think a balance with a little bit of personal info is fine, well we shall see.


  1. NICE POST! All the best in the NEW YEAR!!!!
    Be HaPPy!

  2. I went to your Etsy shop and read the whole thing. I like what you have written. I certainly understand and agree about it being a "solitary journey" but that's what I like about it. Happy New Year. :)