Saturday, 11 January 2014

More porcelain

I've now ventured into the realms of the cup & saucer for my trials at porcelain painting.
Above is the outer face, the bit that faces outwards as you drink and below is the inner face.

And below is the whole ensemble, difficult to photograph but you get the idea.
I've washed these to test if they are fast and I can confidently say - yes they are, phew!
I was a little worried that all that hard work would rub off.
They do need baking in the oven, though the website said they were fast after 3 days.
I tested this on another small plate and I found it not so.
So if you are going to try it bake it for 30mins at 170c......just to make sure I did it twice!
I will be adding this one and a few more to my etsy shop soon.


  1. Its beautiful -- how nice a cup of tea would be using this set.