Sunday, 5 January 2014

New ventures in design and materials

A few posts ago I mentioned the Delft plates that were the inspiration to my 'China Blue' paintings in watercolour. I'm drawn to their simple design and pallet.
I had in mind at the time to try painting on ceramics, but other comments got in the way, so above is my first ever attempt at painting on a plate.
I worked in a ceramic studio some years ago and loved working with clay and slips etc. but this is quite different.
After much wringing of hands and constant washing of the plate to re-start, I finally settled on an attempt that I'm pleased with. I have to 'cook' the plate and wait a few days to see if it's set.
I love the way the demands of some mediums require you to learn and push boundaries, the ceramic paints do this and once I'd given in to this I began to get the hang of it and relaxed and enjoyed the process.
Below are the designs I practised and developed with the aim of transferring these, in a simple form onto the plate.

I used the brown paper as it's very thin I thought I might transfer using the old pencil technique, but this just proved to be problematic.
My next attempt will probably be more free hand style and in a more limited pallet.
My Christmas holiday is now over and I shall return to work tomorrow, it's been lovely, spending time with family and having more time for my creative projects. Although, if left to my own devices I'm quite a solitary person at heart I am rather looking forward to seeing friends and colleagues and hearing all that they got up to over the holiday!


  1. Oh my, this is beautiful. I love the use of the plates and the way the picture looks just like it was meant to be there. I think the 'china' and the paint complement each other.

  2. Thank you Penny, There will be more :)

  3. WOW! Gorgeous plate, and lovely designs - very beautiful!

  4. So much beautiful art here. Love your designs. They look fabulous!

  5. Hi Jane, as a thnka you for all the lovely, creative work you put out there, I have nominiated you for The Sunshine Award, given from one blogger to another.
    See the link to my post: You are supposed to nominate other bloggers for the same award. It may be time consuming, but I think it`s a lovely way to give recognition amongst ourselves!
    And I love these plates by the way. they would definitely sell, I think! xx

  6. Thank you Judith, I shall do that as soon as I'm able to decide which blog to nominate as I like so many.

    I hope to paint some more plates and cups & saucers soon too.